Assignment #4—Medical & Dental Mission 2008

Dear friend in faith,

In less than two months from now, My Father’s World (MFW), a public benefit 501(c) (3), non-profit organization will be joining 20 volunteer U.S. doctors, nurses and dentists in a month long medical/dental mission trip to the Philippines.

Starting July 26, 2008 and over the course of the month and in three different islands, our volunteer medical and dental staff will prayfully anticipate serving over 2500 poor and distressed natives of the Philippines, some of whom may have never received medical or dental care before in their lives. These 20 volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses have sacrificed immeasurably to bring their skills, passion and prayers across the world to aid, heal, improve, comfort and witness to those in need.

What do these doctors, dentists, nurses and My Father’s World have in common?

We all share the same belief that, through blessing others, they will also be able to experience God’s unconditional love. When it comes to measuring one’s life successes, we all believe that being underprivileged or even wealthy is not limited to the monetary currency of this world. People can have enough financial security to last a dozen lifetimes, yet, we are still very much spiritually bankrupt and faithlessly destitute. That is why Rose Flores aka Mystical Rose, co-founder of My Father’s World and staff will be joining this volunteer team of committed medical/dental missionaries by ministering through her inspirational magic shows to souls all across the Philippines.

For several years now, through this unique ministry, Rose has shared God’s love through the story of our Savior Jesus Christ literally to tens of thousands of people between the United States and the Philippines and has brought a countless number of impoverished souls to give their life over to Christ.

We are writing you to beg for your help in raising  $7,750.00 by July 2008 to efficiently undertake God’s current assignment for us in this medical/dental missions trip to the Philippines. The costs that MFW’s is expecting to incur during this inspirational magic ministry outreach and serving those in desperate need will include feeding, housing, treating and the supplying of medical equipment/medications to over 2500 patients covering three different islands (Novaliches, Aklan, Davao).

Please help us strengthen our efforts to shed a little light of hope and healing to those across the world.

We plead for your prayers and support. We ask that you pray that we will be a blessing to the people in the Philippines and that we will be a witness to those who are in need of Our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ. We implore earnestly to your hearts to please do what you can to help us raise enough funds to make a difference this summer in the lives of the orphans, widows, children, elderly, men and women.

Whatever gift you share will be greatly appreciated and we fervently pray that Christ’s compassion and love will shine through you and that you will give the disadvantaged a chance to experience what life can be when walking with Jesus. Please don’t wait a moment longer and send your loving gift of hope and encouragement to those in need today.

Your gift can be the one that keeps a child alive.
With complete thankfulness,

A fellow Christ-walker and servant of the poor,
Tishalae Lauser
Public Relations Consultant (Volunteer)
My Father’s World, U.S.

Assignment #3—Jesus’ Birthday 2006 Christmas Extravaganza
Although “My Father’s World” has only been official a little over 2 years, God has blessed us tremendously throughout our journey. From small inspirational magic shows in the states, to a fishery thousands of miles away, to providing the materials to complete a Halfway House, and to committing to feed 113 Ati children. Whew...what a year! But we’re only getting started.  We felt it would be most fitting to end the year of 2006 celebrating Jesus’ birthday by giving over 200 Ati families the most memorable Christmas of their lives. Our Assignment for the year’s end would be to provide what’s most needed, food baskets. Our hope was that these food baskets could feed a family of five for at least a month. With your help, “hope” became these families’ reality. In a place where food is scarce and faith is tried, we brought these 200 plus families the message of God’s unconditional love through the giving of these food baskets. Games, cupcakes, toys, plays, songs...you name it...we did it! It was a wonderful day that everyone enjoyed.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

My Father’s World would like to thank all the Faith and Prayer Partners in feeding the Ati children and families and for bring the Ati people a memorable Christmas this year.

Assignment#2—Feeding The Children
Just recently, our Heavenly Father has allowed us to take up our second assignment! We received a letter from the Faith Retreat and Conference Center sharing that they are helping 53 Ati school children by giving them a simple lunch meal every day. They would like to give three full meals for these children daily but can’t do it alone. Aside from the 53 children in the Halfway  House, they have two pre-school centers in Sitio Kurong and Sitio Bakiruhan. One protein meal could really help these malnourished pre-schoolers. They have asked My Father’s World to help provide three full meals throughout the school week to the Halfway House school children and one protein content meal daily to the 60 pre-schoolers.

In John 4:34 it says,“Jesus said to them, my food is to do the will of HIM who sent me,
and to accomplish his work.”

With this in mind, My Father’s World has committed to feed these 113 Ati children;  And for the first time as an official Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, My Father’s World would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become involved in HIS mission by joining us in helping feed the Ati children.

Below are some figures of what your generous tax deductible donation can do for these children.

Can feed one Ati child for a month

Can feed one Ati child for an entire school year

Can purchase one sack of rice

Feed and keep the entire 113 Ati children in school for 1 month

Can feed 30 Ati children for a month

Can feed 60 Ati preschoolers for a month

Assignment #1—Getting them to school
Through diligent prayer, less than three months after its establishment, God lead “My Father’s World” to our first assignment! In July 2005, I traveled to the Philippines and met with The Faith Retreat Village on the Island of Panay, where they shared with us the story of the Ati of Sitio Kurong, Malay. The Ati are displaced indigenous people of the Philippine Islands. They are a hunter-gatherer group but because of loss of habitat, they are forced to live a nomadic life. Considered outcasts, they find shelter in any empty lot with no place to sleep but the ground. 
The Ati children enroll at the start of the year and walk  over an hour through the hills to go to school. Because of malnourishment and exhaustion, they get low grades in their classes. Two to three months later, most of  the Ati children drop out of school due to lack of food. The Faith Retreat Village constructed what they call  a “Halfway House” for the Ati children.

The house is a little more than “halfway” between their homes  and the school so that the children can stay there during school nights. My Father’s World was able to partner with the Faith Retreat Village and provide the amount of money needed to buy the canvas to serve as walls for the Halfway House.   There are 4 volunteers to help feed them and supervise their studying in the evening. After a few weeks of staying at the Halfway House, school teachers are happy to report good attendance and improved grades.

"The EARTH is the LORD’S, and all it contains,The WORLD, and those who dwell in it.” ~Psalms 24:1
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